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Vetter's Carrier Pigeon is built using Vetter’s domain infrastructure, its network of multiple inboxes, and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Learn more.

To use your own email account or delivery service, you will need to sign up with Vetter. (What email services does Vetter support?)

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Vetter allows you to safely determine whether an email you are about to send (with a specific sender address, subject line and body) will be marked as spam by your audiences’ email service providers - also known to some in the marketing world as "Inbox Placement".

How it works

Vetter sends your email to multiple email accounts per service provider (Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook/Live and Yahoo) and then checks each of these accounts to verify if your email reached their respective inboxes, or if it was spammed. Vetter then returns a scorecard along with a brief analysis of your email’s performance. The entire process may take anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds.

We do not read your emails. Learn more.

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  1. Draft the email you will send to your audience, or paste it into the text box on the left. Include the subject line you will use, along with whatever elements are necessary for your message (a calendar, a signature, a URL, images with UTM codes, etc.).
  2. Click send so that your email gets delivered using our Carrier Pigeon (essentially, an Amazon SES-based system).
  3. View your email’s detailed performance scorecard and analysis.

Repeat the steps above, this time using your own email sender address to get the most accurate results. Simply create a Vetter account to use your own email service. Why does using your own email service work better?

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Vetter was created by the people at Monsoon Yeti, the education based marketing unit owned by Medical Joyworks, LLC. We built it after spending countless hours trying to guess (unsuccessfully) if our own marketing emails would end up as spam.

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